February 19, 2016

McGee v. International Life Insurance Co. | Case Brief - 355 U.S. 220, 78 S.Ct. 199, 2 L.Ed.2d 223 (1957) - US Supreme Court

FACTS: Franklin had purchased insurance from a different company than International Life.  When International Life took over the company he had originally purchased insurance from he was offered to continue his policy with Int. Life.  He eventually moved to CA and continued to make payments.  He then committed suicide and the company claimed they didn't have to pay.

PROCEDURAL HISTORY: CA courts ruled in favor of McGee.  TX courts said the CA courts didn't have jurisdiction.

ISSUE: Is it a case of specific jurisdiction?


RATIONALE: Residents of CA would be at severe disadvantage if they had to follow the company to the state it was headquartered in to hold it legally accountable.  CA has a manifest interest in protecting the rights of its citizens.

DISPOSITION: For plaintiff.