March 28, 2020

Davison v. Snohomish County | Case Brief - 149 Wash. 109, 270 P. 422 (1928) - Supreme Court of Washington

FACTS: The plaintiff's car crashed and went through the bridge railing and fell into the ground. The car was wrecked and the plaintiffs suffered severe and painful injuries. They are suing the bridge builder for negligence in the construction and maintenance of the bridge.

HISTORY: Trial verdict for the plaintiff for $2500. Defendant moved for judgment in its favor or a new trial both of which were denied.

ISSUE: Was there negligence?


RATIONALE: For financial reasons it is impossible to require municipalities to build guardrails along long stretches of roads that up until this time were only home to horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, and pedestrians. It would slow down business as it currently exists and prohibit new roads from being built.

DISPOSITION: Judgment reversed with directions to dismiss the action.